Learn Italian by reading and listening to the captivating adventures of Jack and Mary in Italy. Tailored for beginner and intermediate students.

The Club

The Italian Short Stories Club is an Italian language learning program based on reading and listening to short stories in Italian. Imagine the club as a captivating serialized novel where you will follow the adventures of Jack and Mary, an American couple visiting Italy for the first time with the aim of reconnecting with their Italian roots.

Reading and listening to short stories in Italian is one of the best methods to learn the language in a fun and exciting way!

With the Club, YOU WILL:

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Like a TRIP to Italy! ✈️

Each story will take you on a journey through iconic places, real-life situations, and fascinating Italian traditions, just like a real trip to Italy. As you learn Italian, you’ll also connect with Italian culture and heritage, immersing yourself deeply in its essence.

Here are some of the cultural insights you will find in the Club:

  • The city of Rome
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • Italian wines
  • Italian fashion
  • The city of Milan
  • Pizza
  • Opera in Italy
  • Italian trattorias
  • Spaghetti in Italy
  • The city of Florence
  • Michelangelo’s David
  • Sunday lunch tradition
  • Typical Italian breakfast
  • Italian hotels
  • Florentine steak
  • Italian beach resorts and vacations
  • Italian gelato
  • Italian seafood dinner
  • Neapolitan babà dessert
  • Sicily
  • Cooking pasta
  • The city of Syracuse
  • The Greek Theatre of Syracuse 

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Learn REAL-LIFE Expressions and Phrases

The stories include plenty of dialogue that takes place in everyday situations like the ones you usually encounter during a trip to Italy. You will learn useful expressions and phrases used in real-life situations in Italy.

Here are some of the situations you will find in the Club:

  • Taking a taxi (communicating the destination, payment methods)
  • Taking a train (purchasing tickets)
  • Asking a passerby for directions 
  • Speaking with the hotel concierge (booking a room, requesting information)
  • Visiting a museum (purchasing tickets)
  • Dining at a restaurant (speaking to the waiter to place an order)
  • Cooking following a recipe
  • Shopping at clothing stores
  • Ordering at a cafè
  • Introducing yourself
  • Buying items from a street vendor 

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Features ✓

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The club offers a range of resources and tools designed to make your learning effective and enjoyable.

In the Italian Short Stories Club you will find:  

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Who is this for?

The Italian Short Stories Club has been specifically developed to meet the needs of upper beginner and intermediate level students. You don’t have to worry about texts that are either too easy or too difficult for youWe have carefully selected and designed contents that align with your current level of proficiency.

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The Author


My name is Valentina Stella and I’m a native Italian teacher, top-rated teacher on the language learning platform italki, where I’ve taught more than 5000 Italian lessons.

The Italian Short Stories Club was born from the desire to help students learn and improve their Italian in a fun and effective way.

I’ve used all my experience as a teacher to design a unique resource that will help you develop the essential skills you need to make progress in your Italian learning journey.

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