Italian Group Classes via Skype

If you want to improve your Italian and your listening and speaking skills, you can do it with my Group Classes via Skype.

Classes are 55 minutes long, we will meet once per week, and you are going to learn how to manage the most recurrent situations during a trip to Italy. 

For instance, you’ll learn:

  • how to introduce yourself
  • how to ask for a room in a hotel
  • how to order at a restaurant
  • how to ask for directions
  • how to take a taxi or a bus
  • how to talk about yourself and your interests
  • and much more

In each class, I’ll explain which phrases and expressions to use on each occasion, and I’ll then help you use them in class.

This way, you’ll be able to practice both listening and speaking Italian, through small conversations on the most useful travel topics.

Classes will be held via Skype, and there are dedicated classes for Beginner and Intermediate students.

Classes for beginner students will be held in both English (for explanations) and Italian (for practice), whereas classes for intermediate students will be completely in Italian.

If you are an absolute beginner or advanced student, classes are not suitable for you (if that’s your case, you can book a 1to1 class with me here).

For each group, I’ll only accept a max of 10 students, so that each one of you will have adequate space for practice.

You can try your first group class for just $1. If you’ll like it and you’d wish to continue, you’ll be able to buy a 5-lesson package for $47.50 (consisting in one lesson per week, $9.50 per lesson).


You can try out Group Classes by booking a Trial Group Class. It’s only $1. Duration: 55 minutes.

If you have already attended the Trial Class, sign up for more Group Classes.